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a type of sustainable creative urbanism, away from the people and buildings that we have been working on these few days. (:

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Welcome to CURE!!

Dear all,

A warm welcome to our blog for Creative Urbanism Revisited 2010 aka CURE. This is one platform for us to share with you guys the updates happening during the 2 week workshop in collaboration with Keio University in Tokyo.

Here's a brief run-through by, Prof Davisi Boontharm, on the objectives and methodology in conducting the workshop:

"The key topics explored in the workshop are (1) creative urbanism, an in particular its contribution to sustainability of urban culture; and (2) contextual sensibility, as a precondition for cultural and environmental quality of design.

The emphasis is on the group-work, with an aim is to develop skills for effective group, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration.

During the structured fieldwork, students will be exposed to various facets of urban reality of selected precincts of Tokyo. They will be guided to (a) systematically record those situations, (b) to debate and analyse the records by applying relevant urban design theory and interpreting the data, both with research rigour and designers’ imagination, and (c) to present the results in a variety of formats and to various audiences, coherently and creatively. They will also provide critical speculative design responses to key urban design issues that emerge from the analysis.

Students will be encouraged to express their discoveries and creative energies of Tokyo through various presentation media. Interim exhibitions and discussions will be organized during the fieldwork, at Keio University and in the public gallery at one of the selected locations. Students will display their immediate, fresh, spontaneous responses, and have an opportunity to engage in discussion with local students, academics and public.

After the fieldwork, students are expected to summarise and present the fieldwork material and to critically reflect on their own experiences captured during the fieldwork, in terms of both process and design-research products."

Do stay tune to this blog as the participants brave their way through the ultra complex city of Tokyo. Here are the brave Creative Urbanites:

1. Neo Di Sheng
Di Sheng

2. Edmond Koo

3. Cristal Lim

4. Chen Yanyi

5. Lim Wei Qi

6. Joleen Woo

Signing off for now,
Paul Yeo
Teaching Assistant aka Nanny